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Each issue of your magazine contains easy to follow step-by-step instructions with clear photos detailing how to assemble your model.
Plus, delve into the rich history of the Spitfire as your collection builds into a comprehensive guide to the legendary aircraft.

Build the

The Spitfire model is suitable for all levels of skill, featuring clear step-by-step diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions. You’ll be shown how to assemble each component of this incredible model with expert tips to ensure that assembly is problem free.

The story of the spitfire

Starting with the expertise of the Supermarine company and the Air Ministry‘s need for efficient fighter planes, we trace the development of the Spitfire and look at the technical details as new marks came off the production line.


Of the battle of Britain

This section profiles the 61 different British fighter squadrons that were involved in the Battle of Britain and examines their role in the action.

Air aces

Focussing on the heroes of the Battle of Britain, discover the personalities and profiles of the most successful pilots in action against the Luftwaffe during the summer of 1940.

The war
in the air

The war in the air brought a new dimension to warfare. Follow the action during World War II from the perspective of the aerial attacks and bombing raids carried out by Allied and enemy combat aircraft.

Britain at war

Eighty years ago, Britain feared the rise of Hitler‘s Germany and the threat that it posed to daily life. The country was turned upside down as people came to terms with the deprivations of war. Discover how Britain changed during the war years.

Your first 4 issues

Issue one

Start the assembly of your model by fitting the propeller blades into their mounts.

Issue two

Gears are fitted to the spinner, and the spinner motor and housing are assembled.

Issue three

Assembling the engine of your Spitfire model, together with a part of the fuselage.

Issue four

Part of the engine housing is assembled and magnets are fitted to a removeable section of fuselage.

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