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Build the iconic Spitfire Mk Ia

Issue by issue, build the legendary Spitfire Mk Ia in 1:18 scale with a range of remarkable features, including moving parts, working lights and sounds.

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Create your own replica of the historic WWII aircraft

Watch as your Spitfire Mk Ia model comes to life, simulating takeoff, flight, night battle, landing and much more!

  • Rotating propellers (with sound effects)
  • Synchronised blade pitch
  • Detailed engine with removable outer panels
  • Landing gear can be raised and lowered
  • Moving rudder, elevators, ailerons and landing flaps
  • Sliding cockpit cover and opening door
  • Working cockpit, navigation and taillights
  • Flashing machine guns (with sound effects)

Bring your Spitfire Mk Ia to life with this stunning diorama

Prepare your Spitfire for its next mission as you recreate three scenes from the Battle of Britain: rearming your fighter, refuelling and aircraft maintenance.

The Spitfire couldn't fly without the hard work of its groundcrew. Each man had a specific task to perform, from servicing the engine to repairing battle damage. Now, see the teamwork needed to send a Spitfire into battle as you arrange your diorama elements to represent a corner of ‘an English airfield’. Get your aircraft ready to scramble to meet the next enemy raid!

This incredible diorama comes as part of your subscription over the final 20 issues of the collection.

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This high-quality metal display plaque features incredible information about the Spitfire Mk Ia!

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